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Office closure

The office will be  closed from Friday  29 July to Thursday 11 August


The Stewarts - the Stewart Society magazine and newsletter

Do you have any news or photos  that that you would like included in the autumn newsletter?

- exhibitions/events for next year that other Stewarts would be interested in 

- family announcements

- photographs and reports from events that you attended on behalf of the Stewart Society.

Please send anything you think will be of interest by 1 October 2022 to Jenn email her here


We are looking for members who can attend events, welcome new people to the Society and recruit new members. 

Do you live in : - 

Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana, Mississippi?

USA North West and Central?

Ohio-Pennsylvania & West Virginia?

British Columbia Yukon & NW Territories?

We are looking for a Commissioner to represent the Society in those places - if you are interested please contact the Commissioner's secretary - email Sandy Stewart of Ardvorlich here Sandy Stewart of Ardvorlich' s email

As events open back up in Scotland, we would also welcome members  to attend Higland Games and other events to represent the Society and  recruit new members.

Contact Jenn to discuss - email Jenn here


Please renew your membership now. Annual membership is from January to December each year. The easiest way to do it is here on the website. Contact the Secretary if you are not sure if you need to do so.
If you are not a member and you are just browsing our website please join us - we welcome members from all over the world.

St Andrews Bursars 2022

St Andrews undergraduate students who are eligible for this bursary in 2022, the university should have been in touch with you. You need to reply to the Secretary by 24 January 2022. 
All eligible St Andrews students should now have receid thier bursaries. The trustees are always pleased to hear from bursars past and present.

We hope very much to be able to meet our bursars again  as in this photograph from 2019 soon.

If you are a Stewart/Stuart student elsewhere and you wish to apply for a busary please email to discuss your application. Please note that, although bursaries are rarely granted on the grounds of hardship alone, hardship will be considered as a factor in any application.

The trustees of the Benevolent Fund are listed on this page.


Members' Downloads

Available for download

The 2021 Online Burns Supper

- Index of the Magazine volumes  
The library catalogue and a list of the family trees and other family information that we hold are also available

Bannockburn Genetic Genealogy Project

The University of Strathclyde have provided some very interesting results relating to individuals who share the same common ancestor - including Walter, the High Steward. Read more about the Bannockburn Genetic Genealogy Project and how to go about your own DNA test.

Marker for male line descendants of King Robert III (1337-1406):
The results of the Big Y test for a documented male line descendant of Sir John Stewart of Blackhall & Ardgowan, d. c.1412, an illegitimate son of King Robert III, have now been received and analysed. Alex Williamson, author of The Big Tree has identified a new SNP carried by this individual, which has been given the name ZZ52. Our two other Big Y test results, that is one for Earl Castle Stewart, a descendant of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, and the other for a documented descendant of Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute, do not carry this SNP. Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, and Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute are both brothers of King Robert III. This means that ZZ52 must have occurred in Robert III or one of his male line descendants. In other words, ZZ52 is a distinct marker identifying descendants of Robert III.


The Trustees of the Benevolent Fund are:- Lord Stewart (2020) - chair
Earl of Moray (2021), Annie Stewart (2021),
Catherine Maxwell-Stuart (2021, Earl of Galloway (2020)

The Trustees of the Heritage Trust are:-

Earl of Moray - (2020) chair  Lachlan Stewart (2021)
Catherine Maxwell-Stuart (2021), Guthrie Stewart (2020)



Stewart Gathering 2022

We will be holding  an International  Stewart Gathering  2-4  September 2022 - join us then in The Scottish Borders
Booking is now open Book here  or you can download a form from members' downloads
We welcome all Stewarts/Stuarts. One attendee in any group must be a member.

Highland Games and other events

A list of planned events for 2022 - which may obviously be subject to change due to the evolving Covid situation

The Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival, Northampton, MA July 16  More details here

The Scotland Pavilion at Folklorama in Winnipeg, Manitoba July 31st to August 6th   More details here

Why not join us virtually on Facebook or on instagram?

The Stewart Society on Facebook

The Stewart Society on Instagram

Library Visits

We are pleased to say that  we welcome visits to the Stewart Society again  by members, researchers and Stewarts/Stuarts on Wednesday and Thursdays.  Please email Jenn to check she is available.

You can also get in touch  with Jenn and ask her advice on your research or see if she can find a particular article or book via email. Please be patient as Jenn is not in the office all the time so it may take a few days to answer a query or find something you are looking for.
 Researchers if you have an urgent query do get in touch and Jenn will try to help you 

Useful Links

Want help looking for your Stewart ancestors?

Try these links first. All helpfully gathered together in one place.  Updated regularly so keep checking

Family Lines - useful links

Want to know more about the real history of tartan? Who wore what and when? How the Stuarts used tartan to help them with the Jacobite cause?

The history of tartan