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Office Closure

The office will be closed on 7th and 21st May.

The Stewart Gathering 2018

The President invites you, your friends and family to join him at the Stewart Gathering 2018 in St Andrews, Fife on 3-5 August. All details of the weekend are on the booking form.

We have some accommodation reserved. Please contact to reserve if you wish/ask any questions about the Gathering You can book the Gathering via our online booking form. You can see previous Gatherings in our photo gallery.

The Stewarts Library Catalogue

The library catalogue is now online and can be accessed by members in the download section of the members' area.

The Stewarts

The annual magazine & summer newsletter will be out at the end of May, and will be sent out to all members.
If you require extra copies of the magazine then it is £5 plus P&P or you can pick an extra copy up from the office.
There are some copies of previous years available to buy at £3 (not all years please check) or specific articles can be sent as pdfs or photocopies to members and interested researchers. There may be a small charge for postage to non-members. Ask about magazines.
Pictures (of the Gathering, your Stewart events and so on) and articles are welcome for both the summer Newsletter and the magazine . Please send anything to as soon as possible.

Bannockburn Genetic Genealogy Project

The University of Strathclyde have provided some very interesting results relating to individuals who share the same common ancestor - including Walter, the High Steward. Read more about the Bannockburn Genetic Genealogy Project and how to go about your own DNA test.

Marker for male line descendants of King Robert III (1337-1406):
The results of the Big Y test for a documented male line descendant of Sir John Stewart of Blackhall & Ardgowan, d. c.1412, an illegitimate son of King Robert III, have now been received and analysed. Alex Williamson, author of The Big Tree has identified a new SNP carried by this individual, which has been given the name ZZ52. Our two other Big Y test results, that is one for Earl Castle Stewart, a descendant of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, and the other for a documented descendant of Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute, do not carry this SNP. Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, and Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute are both brothers of King Robert III. This means that ZZ52 must have occurred in Robert III or one of his male line descendants. In other words, ZZ52 is a distinct marker identifying descendants of Robert III.

St Andrew's Stewart Bursars 2017/18

St Andrew's Stewart Bursars 16

The St Andrew's Bursars for the academic year 2017/18

The picture shows. the President, Geordie Burnett-Stuart, Vice President, Lord Stewart and Council member Aubyn Stewart-Wilson meeting the bursars. In November of 2017. The Stewart Society Benevolent Fund supports Stewart students at St Andrew's University with a small grant each year.

Small grants may also be available for Stewart/Stuart students at other universities and institutions seeking to further their studies through travel, additional studies or other means.

Please apply for further details to

visit scotland ancestral
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Courses run for 8 weeks and begin in January, April and October. On-campus classes are also available. If you'd like to develop your knowledge and skills further, contact us to find out about our online Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or MSc in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies.

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Genetic genealogy and the Stewarts

Our Battle of Bannockburn Family History Project has involved DNA testing of male Stewarts. Current outcomes -

  • Distinct marker identified for descendants of King Robert III
  • Distinct marker identified for descendants of Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute

If you are a male Stewart, DNA testing can tell if you descend from these individuals, or alternatively from Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl.
With more testees and further research, even more can be discovered about which branches of the Stewarts our present day families descend from.

  • Interested in taking a DNA test? For advice contact Graham Holton at
  • Donations towards our research – please see for further details.
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The London Dinner of the Stewart Society

The London Dinner will be on Thursday 3rd May at the Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin Street, London SW1X 7DR very close to Hyde Park Corner underground station.

Book your place here

Council Meeting

The next Council meeting is on 24th October 2018.

The Stewart Society Library

The Society has an extensive library of books, artefacts and papers related to the Stuarts/Stewarts and Scottish history as well as genealogical research at our offices in George St, Edinburgh.

We would be very happy to see you here and the library is available to any member by appointment. Please let me know if you looking for anything in particular in advance so I can look it out! Make an appointment with the Secretary by or call 0131 220 4512

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