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Genetic Genealogy Trees

Walter Stewart
6th High Steward of Scotland
b ca 1296
d 1327
Robert II
King of Scots
b 1316
d 1390
Robert Stewart
1st Duke of Albany
b ca 1340
d 1420
Murdoch Stewart
2nd Duke of Albany
b 1362
d 1425
Walter Stewart
Master of Fife
d 1425
Walter Stewart
of Morphie
b bef 1425
d bef 1488
Alexander Stewart
d 1489
Andrew Stewart
1st Lord Avandale
d 1513
Andrew Stewart
1st Lord Stewart of Ochiltree
d 1548
Andrew Stewart
2nd Lord Stewart of Ochiltree
b aft 1521
d 1602
Andrew Stewart
Master of Ochiltree
d bef 1578
Andrew Stewart
3rd Lord Stewart of Ochiltree
1st Baron Castle Stuart
b ca 1560
d 1629
Col. Robert Stewart
d 1662
Robert Stewart
6th Baron Castle Stuart
d 1686
Andrew Stewart
7th Baron Castle Stuart
b ca 1672
d 1715
Robert Stewart
8th Baron Castle Stuart
b 1700
d 1742
Andrew Stewart
1st Earl Castle Stewart
b 1725
d 1809
Robert Stewart
2nd Earl Castle Stewart
b 1784
d 1854
Rev. Andrew Stuart
b 1812
d 1889
Andrew Stuart
6th Earl Castle Stewart
b 1841
d 1921
Arthur Stuart
7th Earl Castle Stewart
b 1889
d 1961
Arthur Stuart
8th Earl Castle Stewart
b 1928
William Thompson
b 1739
d 1813 Liverpool
William Thompson
b 1772
d aft 1836
William Knight Thompson
b 1807
d 1847
Rev. William Oswell Thompson
b 1838
d 1911
Algernon Alfred C Thompson
b 1878
d 1945
Gerald Algernon Thompson
b 1904
d 1992
James Michael Hoey Thompson
b 1933
Paul John Thompson
b 1959

What do the results mean? - Paul Thompson was surprised and delighted to learn that he was a descendant of Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland who fought at Bannockburn. His earliest documented ancestor William Thompson, born circa 1739, died in Liverpool in 1813. Paul took a 111 marker test and joined the Stewart DNA Project.

Paul's DNA markers indicated that his Thompson surname had been adopted as he clearly matched many hundreds of Stewarts. Paul and the Earl of Castle Stewart also took an advanced test for SNP marker S781 which is carried by descendants of the Stewarts of Bonkyl. Their results both came back negative, which thus confirms their paternal ancestry is from the Albany Stewarts.

Lee MacDonald's earliest known ancestor was Ward McDonald born circa 1792 in Ireland. Ward emigrated to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1816 and then moved onto New Brunswick in Canada where he was a merchant. Nothing is known about his parents or likely siblings. Lee took a 67 marker test with Family Tree DNA which hosts the Clan Donald DNA Project. The results of this test show he is a descendant of John,fifth son of Allan, 9th of Clanranald, and is also a close DNA match to Ranald A. MacDonald, Captain and Chief of Clanranald, both direct descendants of Angus Og of the Isles.

DNA testing for genealogy has conclusively revealed that Paul Thompson and Lee MacDonald are connected directly to individuals who participated in the Battle of Bannockburn despite having no documented ancestors before the mid eighteenth century.

Ward McDonald
b 1792
d 1843 New Brunswick, Canada
James McDonald
Farquhar McDonald
b 1875
d 1955
William John MacDonald
b 1905
d 1991
Lee Weldon MacDonald
Angus 'Og' of the Isles
John Macdonald
Lord of the Isles
b ca 1326
d 1387
Reginald Macdonald
1st of Clanranald
d 1386
Allan Macdonald
2nd of Clanranald
d aft 1428
Ruari Macdonald
of Clanranald
d 1481
Allan Macdonald
of Clanranald
Alexander Macallan
Macdonald of Clanranald
d bef 1530
Ian Macalister
of Clanranald
d 1584
Allan Macdonald
9th of Clanranald
d 1593
Ranald Macdonald
1st of Benbecula
d 1636
Ranald 'Og' Macdonald
2nd of Benbecula
d 1679
Donald Macdonald
15th of Clanranald and
3rd of Benbecula
d 1730
Alexander 'Mor'
1st of Boisdale
b 1698
d 1768
Colin Macdonald
2nd of Boisdale
d 1800
Robert Macdonald
1st of Inchkenneth
and Gribune
b 1777
d 1856
Robert Macdonald
2nd of Inchkenneth
and Gribune
b 1802
d 1860
Charles Macdonald
4th of Inchkenneth
b 1837
d 1915
Kenneth Macdonald
5th of Inchkenneth
and 8th of Boisdale
b 1874
d 1938
Kenneth Macdonald
5th of Inchkenneth
and 8th of Boisdale
b 1874
d 1938